Mr. Jeffries

 Algebra 1 will include a quick review of middle school concepts.  Then we will begin exploring different types of functions including linear functions (inclusing systems), quadratic functions, and exponential functions.   We will also investigate the uses of variables and how to use variables in the language of mathematics.  In order to complete the listed topics, we will explore polynomials and the operations using polynomials.  And we will be exploring the uses of data and how to express data in terms of measure of center.


Each student will need pens or pencils, a 3-ring binder, and a good attitutde towards learning.  If possible, students should purchase a calculator that will perform trigonometric functions.  (It should have the buttons sin, cos, and tan.)  No cell phones or music devices will be allowed in class.  Students must use a handheld calculator.


Here is the Assignment Sheet for the year, at least through the end of April.


Algebra 1 ASSIGNMENTS.xls Algebra 1 ASSIGNMENTS.xls
Size : 45 Kb
Type : xls

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